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Important :

The clinic's Corppass Administrators are required to indicate the HCI code/Vendor ID of the clinic when assigning e-services to user accounts. Click here for the user guide.

For further clarifications, please log a helpdesk ticket under "Contact Us".


Scheduled Maintenance

Thank you for using MBS@Gov. The e-Service will not be available via Corppass on 03 Oct 2021 (Sunday) from 12am to 6am due to scheduled system maintenance.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

We would like to update you of the new launch date for MBS@Gov Portal. Previously, we shared that MBS@Gov will be unavailable from 15 Sep 2021 to 3 Oct 2021 as we are migrating to a new system. As we require more time to complete the system migration, the new MBS@Gov portal will now be available on 01 Nov 2021 instead of 4 Oct 2021. From now till 31 Oct, you can continue to collect the full receipt amount from your patients and advise them to submit the receipt as a medical claim in the new HRP system. For MCs issued during this period, please advise your patient to directly record the sick leave in the new HRP system themselves. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused. If you would like to view your past transactions, you may continue to do so via We thank you for your understanding and continued support towards MBS@Gov. If you have any queries, you may register a helpdesk ticket at

MBS@GOV Portal will be replaced by External Service Provider(ESP) Portal from 1 November 2021

We are upgrading our current systems and as part of this upgrade, there will be a new External Service Provider (ESP) Portal from 1 November 2021
To facilitate the system migration, the following functions will not be available to the clinics:
  • Update clinic particulars or bank account: Available from 1 November 2021
  • Submit e-MC: Available from 1 November 2021
  • Submit bills: Available from 1 November 2021

  • These functions will be available on the new ESP Portal from 1 November 2021. During this period when the submission of bills function is not available, MBS@Gov participating clinics can collect the full receipt amount from patients and advise the patient to submit the receipt as a medical claim in the new HR system. MBS@Gov participating clinics can access the new ESP Portal via using Singpass.

    Corppass Login

    Please note that from 11 April 2021, you will be required to login to government digital services for business (G2B) using Singpass instead of Corppass. For more information, visit

    MBS@Gov online registration available now!

    As part of our efforts to move towards a digital Government. New clinics who wish to sign up MBS@Gov can do so only via our online registration now. Simply click on the "Online Registration" on the left panel and submit your clinic's details. Please note that clinics are required to upload their MOH license in the registration form. Clinics will receive a welcome package from MBS@Gov by mail after successful registration.

    If you require further assistance or clarification, please log a helpdesk ticket at under 'Contact Us'. For group clinics (i.e. clinics with multiple branches), you may also log a helpdesk ticket for us to advise the registration for your clinic branches.

    e-CS card

    From 1 Aug 2018, all civil servants, pensioners, and their dependants will be issued with electronic Civil Service Card (e-CS card), as part of the Civil Service's effort to go digital. MBS@Gov participating clinics should recognise the e-CS card as a form of identification and proceed to verify the patient's eligibility in MBS@Gov portal. The existing physical Civil Service Card will still be valid and may continue to be used.

    If you have queries on the e-CS card initiative, please log a helpdesk ticket at log a helpdesk ticket at under 'Contact Us'.

    MBS@Gov is now available for officers from several Statutory Boards

    With effect from 1 Jan 2018, officers from several Statutory Boards will be eligible for MBS@Gov, namely Singapore Labour Foundation (SLF), Singapore Corporation of Rehabilitative Enterprises (SCORE), MOH Professional Boards such as Singapore Medical Council (SMC). Clinics should ensure that the patient is eligible by verifying the entitlement via MBS@Gov before bill submission. There are plans to extend MBS@Gov to more Statutory Board officers as well - stay tuned!

    Corppass Registration

    We understand that some clinics were not able to register for Corppass online and were prompted to submit the Registered Officer's Letter of Authorisation. We are pleased to inform you that MOH has performed a data synchronisation with Corppass Registration Office and your Registered Officers should now be able to register for Corppass online. In the event that you are prompted to upload a Letter of Authorisation, please remember to include a copy of the Registered Officer's NRIC with the submission.

    For further assistance, please log a helpdesk ticket at under 'Contact Us'.

    Corppass Authentication

    Corppass will be used for login to MBS@Gov from 29 April 2017. Find out how to set up your Corppass account here. Clinics are reminded to create their Corppass Admin accounts by 29 April, and assign MBS@Gov as an e-service to their users by 31 July.

    You may refer to, or contact the Corppass Helpdesk at 6643 0577 or Detailed user guides are also available at

    Changes to AGD Password Login from 17 November 2016

    With effect from 17 November 2016, you will need to log in using your clinic's HCI code under the ''Vendor ID'' field if you are using AGD password.

    To find out more about your clinic's HCI code, please refer to the HCI directory at or log a helpdesk ticket at under ''Contact Us''.

    There is no change to the login process for clinic assistants using Singpass to login.

    Clarification on CHAS / Pioneer Generation Package subsidies

    Dear clinics,

    Government subsidies such as Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS) and Pioneer Generation Package (PGP) can be used in conjunction with MBS@Gov. In line with MOH guidelines, clinics should first claim government subsidies before claiming employer benefit (such as MBS@Gov). The bill amount to be entered into MBS@Gov should therefore be NET of CHAS/PGP subsidies.

    For instance, if the bill is $50 and the patient is eligible for $28.50 subsidy under CHAS, the total amount to key into MBS@Gov is $21.50 (NET of subsidy).

    Thank You.

    Participate in the Civil Service Medical Billing System...MORE
    New Features
    Check for Similar Receipt, Search using Receipt Date and View Weekly Received Payment.

    To Cancel / Amend wrongly submitted claims

    GPs can now cancel or amend any processed claims that were wrongly submitted. The amount will be offset from the next payment and the patients will be notified.
    To find out more, please click on this link: New Feature

    Important Notes on Bill Submission

    1. All bills have to be submitted within a month of the date of consultation.

    2. Information of your bills are kept in MBS@Gov for up to six months. You should print or save a copy for your reference if necessary.

    3. If you are unsure of whether your bill has been submitted, please use the "Bill Inquiry" and "Payment Enquiries" functions to check before re-submitting.


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