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Civil Service Medical Billing System
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Today, over 200,000 civil servants, pensioners and dependants are entitled to subsidized medical treatment at all polyclinics, restructured hospitals as well as private clinics. Unlike private clinics, civil servants, pensioners and dependants do not have to pay the medical bills upfront when they visit the polyclinics and restructured hospitals. Instead, their share of the medical bills will be automatically deducted from their salaries or pensions when the healthcare institutions submit their medical bills to the Government electronically. The healthcare institutions will then receive a consolidated payment from the Government via Inter-Bank GIRO into their designated bank accounts for its share of the medical bills.

To offer the private clinics the same convenience and efficiency brought about by consolidated billing and payment for medical bills as in the case of the polyclinics and restructured hospitals, the Accountant-General's Department introduced the Medical Billing system (MBS@Gov). MBS@Gov is a portal for private clinics to submit the claims for the Government?s share of the medical bills incurred by civil servants, pensioners and their dependants at the clinics.

If you participate in MBS@Gov, you will stand to enjoy an increase in customer base as more civil servants, pensioners and their dependants will choose your clinic over other non-participating clinics which require them to pay their medical bills in full upfront and submit claims to seek reimbursement from the Government later. You can also minimise the hassle of cash handling at your clinic as you will receive a consolidated payment on a weekly basis from the Government via Inter-Bank GIRO into your designated bank account. In addition, you can try out the latest feature in MBS@Gov which allows you to submit Medical Certificates (MCs) of civil servants electronically. In the near future, participating private clinics can look forward to doing away with the need to print and issue paper MCs to civil servants.

You may refer to MBS@Gov user guide here for more information.

If you are interested in participating, clinics will need to register for MBS@Gov using Healthcare Institution(HCI) Code, via the online registration at MBS@Gov homepage.





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Updated as at 30 Sep 2019